Mama and little girl custom painting

Hi I hope you have a great weekend, mine was great my kids have arrived from a vacation with their grandparents and they are full of energy and happiness :)

Today I am showing you a custom painting, that was ordered by a wonderful dad to make a surprise to his wife for her birthday. I hope she like it :)
I am very pleased with this painting, love the colors, the happiness and love showing thrue.

Some details of her dress and little girl.
I drew this plant and add it to moms dress, representing the growth of their relationship, always with fresh leafs :)

and a bird my symbol of divine protection, sending blessings all the way.

Thank you for being here with me, wishing everyone a great week.
xox and love 


  1. Just beautiful, Susana! It makes me happy to look at it!

  2. Its a beautiful painting. The colors, the shades, the flowers, the birds and everything is painted with all the details and perfection.


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