Sunday Mornings Class

photo and design by my talented friend,  Kaitlin Monroe

Have you heard about Sunday Mornings Class ? It's a FREE CLASS from the beautiful Mindy Lacefield and I am so honoured to say that I will be there with Michelle Sylvia as guest artists ;)

Read to know more about this spiritual class, in the words of Mindy :)

I saw the words "No perfect people allowed" on a banner for a Church that we saw on the road to Galveston, Tx this past week and couldn't get it out of my head. We are all God's children even though NO ONE is perfect. Such a beautiful reminder.

When I began painting, I began a journey of growing closer to God. You see I've always believed but my relationship desperately waned and I certainly fell away from Him. I think I began to feel a sense of unworthiness. But what I know now is that none of us are worthy, but He loves us so much anyway! He sent His Son, Jesus to die on the cross so that we are no longer bound by sin. We are set Free!

You see, I truly feel that He gently drew me closer by calling art into my heart. The complexity and subtly that our Creator works is something to be in awe of.....

As I was in church one morning, I felt the calling to create a class all about my Sunday morning worship paintings. Normally what I do is attend early service Church and come home and paint till we have lunch. I want to share this time with you. Time spent praising God. I really think we can use our gifts to reach others. In doing so, we pass the light on to others….who then share their story.

For this class, I envision lifting each other up as we spend time creating as the Great Creator meant for us to do. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with God….to be vulnerable in spirit with others….we reach others easily. Gently. We open ourselves up to so much….to giving….to nurturing….to being still….to gratitude….to trust….and to faith. I imagine the magnitude of the lives you will touch with the art you will create. My prayer is that you become a vessel to reach and touch others lives with your art….gently….but with passion. To say things that cannot be expressed through words!

While pondering this class, I thought the only way to reach out in this way was to offer this class for free. I will open it up to donations if you feel called to give.

Journal Page that we will be creating

Class will begin May 18, 2014 and a new project will post weekly for 5 weeks. So basically they'll be 5 projects for you to enjoy. Thank you for allowing me to give back! Guest Artists Susana Tavares and Michelle Sylvia will also share with you their beautiful, soulful approach to art.

a little note about this class:
This is a Christian based online class. There will be talk of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit along with Christian music (which I can't wait to share with you all). Plus lots and lots of painting and having fun. Join me as we praise God and create together!!
Any and all are welcome to participate…..all religions, denominations, believers, unbelievers, anyone.


  1. I feel so blessed this morning to read these words .... Thank you <3

  2. I am really looking forward to this! A blessing indeed :)


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