I have a winner to the Paper and paint online workshop ;)

Ok I have a winner or.... 2 winners ;)
So the lucky girls winning a spot in "Paper and Paint workshop" are....

*** LONG BLACK EYELAHES****   and    *** LOLA AZUL***
yehhheiiii I am happy for you girls ;)
Please send me your emails.

Leaving you with this painting made this morning inspired by Mindy Lacefield in the Class Wild Surrender. A this painting is Tinker Bell and the Disney castle, check my FB page to know what this painting process has made me feel :)



  1. Congratulations!!!

    I've just signed up for this class! :) Looks so fun!

    Smiles, Saskia :)

  2. OMG!! I can't believe it. Thanks, thanks and ... Thanks!!. I'll try to learn a lot and make the best. Thanks!!


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