Mama's Prayer Flags Printable DIY

I am so Happy for taking part of this Blog Hop for the New Mama Welcome Pack, a wonderful idea from Catherine Redfern.
A pack made to enjoy motherhood... without guilt, overwhelm or losing yourself :)

I am a mother of 3 children, 2 boys and a girl, so I have been there ;)

Being a mother is an amazing experience but it can be very challenging, emotionally exhausting and overwhelming sometimes. I found that nurturing myself using happy and positive thoughts, like affirmations totally helped me focus.

That´s why I love affirmations, an easy and unexpensive way to focus on what you want to achieve, everytime you do it you are putting yourself on the right track, you are choosing to live on the positive side of life :)

So, I have created this sweet printable Mama's Prayer Flags to help you put positive intentions into your day! Prayer Flags are mostly used in Tibet, they bring blessings for happiness and for a long and prosperous life.



This beautiful Mama Prayer Flags include 2 free printables, like the ones you see above.

Click here to get your Mama Prayer Flags 
and follow these steps to make your own.
( for private use only)

You will need:

Hole Puncher
Fabric Stripes

Step 1 - Print your sheets (it will be better if you print on cardstock)

Step 2- cut all the pieces with your scissors


Step 3 - punch little holes in all the elements and get a ribbon


Step 4- use the hearts to write your own affirmations

Step 5- insert the flags on the ribbon, hang your hearts and birds with bits of fabric.

Step 6- tie pieces of fabric between the elements to have a more colorful, happy look, and your done!

Step 7- time to find a beautiful place to hang your Mama's Prayer Flags ;)

Try beggining your day by repeting the affirmations on the Prayer Flags. It might sound something like this:
Today is a happy day
I am filled with love
Everything works for my highest good
I am always protected
I am a grat mother because I give the best I can
I am Happy, I am Loved, I am Healthy, I am secure, I am positive, I am beautiful. 

Click here to know more about "New Mama Welcome Pack"

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  1. Wow! Susana what a generous and beautiful gift - I'm so looking forward to making mine. I just love this idea, your images, your words, and the love behind this. xx

    1. thank you so much Pippa, so happy you like it :D

  2. thank you so much I will make this soon. I really like the saying as its often very difficult being a mum..mum to 3 sons

  3. yes I know what is it to be a mum of 3 , it means a lot ;) so great you have enjoyed my Mama's prayer flags xox

  4. What a great idea and what a great gift! Thank You sooooooo much!

    1. hi Marie, it's a pleasure :) so glad you like it. xox

  5. here is the one I it and thank you again


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