Painting process - she wants to reach the stars

Today I have prepared for you a painting in process, so you can see the stages and be inspired.
Step 1- spread some acrylic paint on your watercolor paper or canvas, I choose some warm colors and a olive green

Step 2- spread some white paint with my Palete knife and apply a navy blue for contrast

Step 3 - I have made a collage with hand plaited papers and washi tape
Step 4 - define some shapes with my pencil, draw my girl and make some fun doodles
Step 5 - grab things toguether with some white paint on the top and a light pink on the ground, made some marks with my Palete knife

Step 6 - have painted my girl and give more contrasts and define some flowers with my pastel crayons ( love them so much!)
Step 7 - I finished applying more collage with my hand painted paper , some plant doodles and cut golden stars and add them around the moon
Step 8 - give my girl a beautiful feather in her head ;)

see the details :)

I hope you enjoy this process, wising you a wonderful sunny weekend.
Today is a gourgeaus day in Lisbon, the sun is shining outside and inside of me :)



  1. Wonderful, thanks for the tips.....

  2. Obrigada por partilhar como faz as suas maravilhosas ilustrações.
    Bom fim-de-semana.

  3. dear susanna,
    i painted this one by your steps - and i love the result!! thank you so much for this wonderful and helpful suggestion!
    heartly - tina

    1. Tina that's wonderful I would love to see it.


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