Pins and a Pocket mirrors new in shop

Presenting the new collections of Pins / Pocket mirrors :) this first collection is inspired by sweetness- sweet faces, sweet colors, adorable animals. They are so happy, that every single time, they put a smile on my face. 

They are adorable to kids party gifts, or for your bag, scarf, jacket to give that cute fun look.

This second collection is about things I love:
A- to be surrounded by love
B- meditate
C- smell the flowers
D- birds
E- feathers in my hair
F- inner wisdom represented by owls

They are available in my shop, and you can choose to buy them has a pin or a pocket mirror, and if you buy the entire collection you will have a special price, yeehhheiiii! ( just check the menu on the right side of this listing).
This week I will share with you the pics of my latest workshop, so be tuned ;)


  1. Your work is gorgeous! I really enjoyed your art doll lesson for Soul food, excited to make mine.

    1. Thank you so much dear Amanda, can´t wait to see your creation xox


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