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To create a life you love, requires courage, love and constant self motivation.
That's why I love affirmations, they put your mind on the right direction, so you can unfold a beautiful life. This is an easy and unexpensive way, to focus on what you want to achieve, everytime you do it you putting yourself on the right track, you are choosing to live in the positive side of life.

Have you ever paid attention to people who spend their life complaining? Notice how their life become to be exactly the words they keep repeating!

Nevertheless we have the power to change the way we think, simply by changing the words we use which will also change our lives.

I have experienced this in my life.

From the moment in which I analyzed the way I think about my fears and beliefs, I have created the opportunity to choose. Once we were young, but now we have the wonderful opportunity while adults, to choose! Choose what we want to believe, choose to live our lives according to our potential, choose to love and support ourselves, choose to have a happier and easier life, choose to give and receive, based on love.

My life has changed in so many ways , I have been able to achieve so much more wonderful things in life that reflect my beliefs, my transformation and the investment in me. 

If you act promptly making small changes, you will end bringing more balance to your life, creating a life you love to live. 
Try it!



  1. So SWEET!
    Love the affirmations in this too!
    You said so much ( :

    1. Dear sue, thank you!
      Affirmations are really powerful :) xxx


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