Healthy breakfast allergies free

Today I want to share with you my breakfast, since I have notice, that in several times of the year I was very allergic and when I switch to my healthy breakfast, I felt a lot better. And the best is that I notice this improvements of my allergies in the next day. Great right! that's why I want to share this with you :)
So my non healthy breakfast was milk ( lactose free) and coffee and bread.

My healthy breakfast ingredients are :
- milk ( lactose free) + a piece of fruit or veggies +a table spoon of biological granola ( antioxidant )+ a tea spoon of honey + cinnamon 


The ingredients go to a blender, and I make a delicious, nutritive milkshake to start my day with energy, without allergies.
Maybe you like to try it ;)

Have a great and healthy day,


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