Get inspired by this beautiful journal pages

I hope you have seen the Dye paper dolls I have shared last week. 
I have made an invitation, for those who want to try to make a journal page with this sweet dolls, that I would love to share them on my blog, and here they are ....and uhhhh they are gourgeaus :D
I hope you be inspired by this beautiful journal pages by beautiful artists.Oh yes!!!!!

This 3 beautiful pages are from Simona Anghileri
Check her blog and etsy shop

This beautiful journal pages are from Elisabetta Monnini
check her blog and etsy shop 

This sweet Atc is from Cristiana Rioli
check her Facebook page 

Journal page by Alexandra Moura 
check her blog 

Thank you so much for those who participate by sharing wonderful art with us.
Wishing all of you a wonderful and inspiring day :)



  1. Thank you Susana to share our work. I am very inspired by your art and I love your dye paper doll inspiration post!

    1. thank you dear Elisabetta, so happy you have participated dear

  2. São todas maravilhosas!! Ainda não me atrevi a fazer o mesmo...

    1. então tens que te atrever ;) bjs e obrigada

    2. Primeiro quero pintar as duas ofertas que nos ofereceu aqui no site :), se correr bem então arrisco...

  3. Thanks so much Susana ! Can't wait for another class with you !
    I rate you highly as a talented artist.
    a big hug
    ps : love of the jourla pages created by Lizzie, Cristina a dear friend of mine and Alexandra ! Lovely art pieces girls.

    1. Simona thank you for your participation and beautiful words :) My class is planed and I will start filming tomorrow ;) yehhheiiii

  4. Uauuuu ver o nosso trabalho publicado no teu blog... obrigada Susana!!!! Adorei as paper dolls que todas fizemos, acho que somos boas alunas com uma professora que nos inspira ;) Uauuuu to see our work publishe in your blog... thanks!!!! Loved the paper dolls pages we've all... I guess we're all good students with an inspiring teacher ;)
    Thank you Simona :)


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