5 simple ways to nurture yourself during the week

This week I want to share with you 5 ways to nurture yourself, inspired on my own daily life, that help me take care of my body and my soul. These ideas are very simple and easy, for those are the ones that work for me. Being a mother of 3 children and running my own business, it's pretty much ;)
I found out that giving some time to myself and making easy and simple rituals can have quite an impact on the way i live my life. I hope this can help you too.

  • Take a Yoga class - once a week, it will balance your body and energy and it will take only 50 mins of your week and it will really help you to feel good, energized and put your body on the right place.
  • Take a bubble bath - you can relax all the muscles of your body and have a moment of piece.
  • Hear some music - if you are demotivated or down, put a happy song that you love and sing it out loud and if you like dancing and shaking your body, this will energize you very quickly ;). If you are nervous or anxious, close your eyes, or lay down in a comfy place and hear sounds of nature or a smooth song, it will help even more if you make a deep breathing to help your body relax.
  • Meditate - I hear lots of people telling me " I don't know how to do that!" :) I meditate in a very simple way. I just sit down in a quiet place, with my back up straight and eyes closed. I give 2 or 3 deep breaths to relax my body, focus my attention on my natural breathing (just notice it) and I stay in this state for a while.

Tips : the tricky part is to go beyond your thoughts at the beginning, so you just let them pass and do not interact with them, like seeing a car passing by. The more you ignore them the more you will gain from your meditation easily achieving a peaceful state of mind. This will help you a LOT.

  • Read something that uplift your spirit - I realy like to pick up my oracle card deck and take a message. The reason I love them so, is because the message is always positive. You can also open a book that inspires you, on a random page. This will take just a few minutes and usually helps me to find a positive message and focus again on the important things of life.
I try to make one of this things per day, and they always help me to be more present, more happy, more aware, more beautiful, more me ;)

I hope you enjoy and if you want to share with us, your ways of nurturing yourself, please do so (comment section) because we love hearing all about it.




  1. Wonderful, beautiful! I read inspiration every day and meditate often. Your art and your blog are also very inspiring. I feel the joy and love radiate from you!


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