How to heal through art with the Fairies

How to heal with fairies through painting or any creative process. 

I will show you how you can conduct an easy art healing process with the Fairies:

1- ground yourself on the Earth and breath deeply until you feel grounded. Continue to breath holding the intention of connecting with your center. You can also light a candle and/or choose a crystal 

2- call the Fairies and Spirit Guides making the intention to heal throughout your creative process. You may say - "Thank you dear Fairies and Spirit Guides for helping me to heal through painting, so grateful for your help and guidance"

3- for a moment feel what materials you need to use in your creative process. May be acrylic paint, watercolor, pastels, collage, pencils or even several materials. Gather the materials needed.

4- in a confident, mindful way feel what you need to do. Because every brush stroke, color and shape are important. In the creative process allow yourself to do what you need, put your mind aside and let go the need to feel pretty or perfect but instead to make the movements and actions that will activate  the healing to occur. Enjoy and thank the Fairies and Guides in the end.

Note: sometimes you are conscious about what you need to let go, heal and release and sometimes you have a clue but you are not sure. Both ways do it and trust the process and the insights you get while painting.

I feel at this time it's important to make time for healing, it's a year to release old patterns and open space to embody the new energies.

And if we can have a more colorful and fun healing, why not 😉
Sending love in your way,


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