Painting process - mixed media

Today I am sharing pics from my latest painting. This way you can see the piece growing.
A conversation between paper, paint and my soul.

In this painting I am using a cardboard as a base for my painting, and I have started with collage, gesso and making some marks with black paint. Then I have made a scketch of my character.

Using here several shadings of greens + pink to paint her face and blue to her hair.

Next step is to add more details and define her face. 

A bunny join the party and I have give more color to the background  with yellow, greens and pinks.
Loving my new color Apple green :)

Using pastels to make marks and define her dress.
Flowers for her hair and a heart for the bunny ( I think he is in love)

Finished with more pencil marks and doodles and a tale for our little friend.

In this painting I think a bunny is in love with a princess... How cute is that!

I hope you feel inspired to create  :)

Love to you
Susana Tavares 


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