Original charcoal big drawings

Some days I just want to go to my studio table and work with my simplest materials, charcoal, watercolor and white paint. Simplicity gives me a sense of space and really smooth my mind while I move my pencil through the page and breath deeply, I allow myself to enjoy the moment of creation.
It feels so good :)

My kids are on vacations, so I will slow down and enjoy their presence in the house and have fun ;)

Next week you can count with one more blog post, showing my new fairy calendar for 2016 and today I will announce the winner for the spot on the Enchanted class yehheiiii!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day


P.s- All of these big drawings are available here


  1. Fabulosos! Gosto de todos os desenhos.

  2. I love these! And seriously, so excited!

    1. thank you so much dear Deb for your wonderful words xox

  3. So beautiful! Your art has always brought me happiness...


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