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I am feeling different when I paint and in some way, the result of the paintings, are different as well.
I am in a time that I want to partnership with the Source, that I know is always available for me, so I ask to be guided on my creative process. I ask for inspiration and that I can allow to paint with the essence of what I really am.

When I start painting, I never know what I am going to do, I just start and allow things to come to me.
I really love not to know, I love the surprise and bealiving I am painting what is needed to be painted.

It's a ride to my inner world and my paintbrush and paints do the magic. I just have to listen, to let go and to allow. 
I think the creative process is a life instrument, that help us to trust more, to listen more, to be what you need to be, more. You and the source, God , divine wisdom together in a creative moment, what a joy!

Painting is powerful tool, helping me along the way to express what sometimes any words can say, just feel. To be able to express these feeling in some way, is like doing a metamorphosis, to transform and deal with your issues, fears, wishes and dreams. So powerful, that a quality creative time, always shifts my energy in a positive way and helps to manifest the best in me.

May source the source be with you ;)



  1. Hi Susana! I just feel the same when I paint! I don´t know before what it´s going to be! Amazing! Painting and drawing is like meditation. You don´t think anything. You just create! You make awesome art and I love every piece of it. I like to paint girls also and I love colours! Have a great and inspiring week! ♥ Best wishes from Finland and lots of love ♥!

    1. Hi Susanna I am happy you relate with my post :) yes is like a meditative process if you allow it to be, right! Thank you so much and love to you xxxx❤️


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