I have a gift for you :)


Tomorrow I will start my vacations so I want to leave you with a gift.
The poster above is for you to print and to share with your special friends.

Some ideas:

- print as a postcard an send it in the mail for special friends
- share it on your friends Facebook page
- Make a special dinner for old friends and give it as a gift
- surprise a friend with a special message or email and attach this image

How to keep and print this image?

- if you are on your iPad or iPhone just click for a while on the image and click on Save image. This way you saved the image to your gallery and you just have to print it on your printer or send it by email for a print house.
- if you are on your computer, right click on your mouse and "save image as". Save it to your images and just print it out on your preferred size.

A big hug for you full of love



  1. Thanks a lot!!
    I will use immediatly!
    Enjoy your holidays
    Chiara Robin


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