Be the light - painting process


Are you ready to take your journal and paint for a while?
I hope so because I have this creative process to share with you ;)


Step 1 - spread some watercolor in several tones in your journal 
If you don´t have watercolors you can use acrylic paint mixed with a bit of water

Step 2 - make a collage with some vintage and painted papers 


Step 3 - with a pallet knife spread some white paint or gesso on top of the watercolor to seal them.

Step 4 - grab a charcoal pencil and make some doodles and marks on your page, it's fun and gives texture


Step 5 - stamp - I have used several stamps, a butterfly , a plant and the striped pattern above. Use your intuition and follow ;)

Step 6 - one more layer, using the faber castell pitt pens. I have doodle with the pens , defining some areas and put some water on top to dissolve the ink. 


Step 7 - acrylic paint in flesh tone to start the face and a turquoise inside the round shape. You can even spread the same colors here and there on your backgroung, to give a sense of balance to the painting.


Step 8- time to paint the face, I used watercolors in tones of blue, green, orange and white acrylic paint to shade her and give her some hair (black watercolor)

Step 9 - define the eyes and her features with a black pitt pen


Step 10- I found that sweet bird flying on the background ;) painted with an orange acrylic paint and for the wings 2 different pinks with oil pastel.

Step 11- make a yellow aura around her with oil pastel

Step 12- finish with some geometric shapes and flowers (made with my black pencil) and choose some beautiful words to your painting

I hope you have fun with this process, and if you like to share what you have done with me, just tag my name so I can see it. If you have some friends intrested in play with art, please share it with them also :)

"Travel light, live light, spread the light and BE the light" - Robin Nola




  1. Hallo Susana, I LOVE your art works, they are magic! :) I also appreciate a lot your Step by step posts, thank you to share your art with us. Love from Switzerland


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