My book is available :) yes!!!!!

I am here today to very proudly ;) present my new book " A little Secret", I am sooo happy!

All my life I have grown my relationship with my Guiding Angels, I always knew they exist and they were with me. This connection helped me to develop my intuition, a tool i consider from major importance to stay true to who you really are, in harmony with your essence and love for you and others. I believe children need to continue to nurture their own natural intuitive being, so it can always grow. This book is an easy tool to help kids and adults, connecting with their true essence of love and trust that something bigger is always by your side.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the book:

A little secret is an illustrated book, introducing children to the world of Angels
Kids will learn, how to use their own intuition, with the oracle cards included on the book. They will have the opportunity to make some craft projects, but most of all, learn they have special friends and they are never alone.

Let me show you some pages ;)


"A little Secret" includes an illustrated story


Includes 32 different cards with simple messages

Some happy craft projects :)

Back of the book

This book is the perfect simple tool to help parents and children to connect with their inner guidance. A book to put a smile on your face and fill you with the positive energie of Angels.

The book is already available for shipping. 
Get your copy on:

Some really fast customers have send me words of joy about the "A Little Secret" book ;)

"Dearest Susana, my copy of your beautiful book arrived today and it's truly gorgeous... So vibrant, such exquisite faces of children and Angels. It is a blessing " S.C

"Your book is very precious, and one to cherish"S.C

I would love that you could go on Amazon and give me a review of my book, that would mean a lot to me. 

Thank you from my heart and soul 



  1. Wow~ congratulations Susana~ This is very exciting !!! Lovely painting :)

  2. Congratulations Susana! The book looks beautiful and interesting! ♥♥♥

  3. Amei as imagens deste post!! Fiquei com vontade de o comprar......


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