Little Mermaid - watercolor painting

As you know I am drawn to this watercolor exploration, and I am so in love with the amazing possibilities this tiny box can give just with a few more materials. 
This is my last piece, "Little mermaid ", check the pictures to see the details.

Inspired by the magic of the seas, in tones of blues, greens and bits of pink and golden. A little mermaid, that is available to go to your home ;) 

Wishing you a wonderful day and please let me know what you think about her ;)
thank you,

Susana Tavares 


  1. Una sirenita adorable. ¡fantástica!
    Y los colores me gustan mucho :)

  2. She is so beautiful Susana!! I love the glorious colours and the feeling of light!! hugs ♥ ♥


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