Girl and puppy mixed media painting tutorial

Today I am sharing with you a mixed media painting tutorial, perfect time so you can have creative time on your weekend.
Enjoy !

You will need:
a surface to paint - I am using my journal 
Acrylic paints
Watercolor crayons ( mine are from Caran D'ache)
Tissue paper and some scraps of other papers
Black pencil
Acrylic markers
Oil pastels
Gel medium

Step 1 - make some doodles with your watercolor crayons and activate the color with a bit of water
Step 2 - spread some paint randomly using color you love

Step 3 - glue with gel medium silk paper and bits of other papers that grab your attention 

step 4 - draw your characters and elements on the painting with a black pencil and have fun making some doodles to get that child innocent playful look

Step 5 - use your paint markers to give one more layer to the background ( in some spots) and details to the painting. Apply a bit of water with your paintbrush to dissolve the paint and get a transparent watercolor look

Step 6 - use your finger to make some apples to your tree and paint the girls face with your acrylic paint

Step 7 - paint the dog with a bit of watercolor crayon, I used a deep blue and mixed with white acrylic paint.
Step 8 - use your pastels to highlight some areas and give contrast
Step 9 - remember to give your girl a pink chicks ;)

I hope you like this process 
Wishing you a great weekend


  1. :) adorável... mas hoje estou dedicada a pintar gaivotas e corações... pintar é sonhar.

    1. É verdade Pintar é sonhar e Muito mais, continua ;)

  2. you inspire me dear girl!! this is so sweet of you to share!

  3. Fantástico. Obrigada por partilhares :) saudades do atelier das princesas... <3 Túlia


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