Decorating with art prints


So hello from my studio, this weekend I decided to buy frames to put my art prints and put my studio even more cozy. Has you can see I have got different sizes and styles and I love them all, they look so great together on the wall, don't you think ?

My idea to this wall is to be inspirational and a work in progress. My choices where prints that represent what I believe and what I want in life and I will make changes and add new art to it, when I feel like.

I have choosen:
I am -with those yummy affirmations
Om - because of passion for meditation and the gift it represents in my life
Do more of makes you happy- because that is my goal, to be always happy in what I do :)
And an original tag with the words "Pela Arte" in Portuguese they mean " for Art".

Remember to feel your space with inspiration and good vibes ;)

have a wonderful day,
Thank you 
Susana Tavares


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