Balance in work peaks

This time of the year artists have lots of work and things to prepare, pictures to take, packages to do, shop updates, and the list will go on.... In this peak times of work ( and I thank God for it!) my body always tries to protect me and my shoulders go super tense, like as if I am walking with a weigh on my shoulders. Not very nice!
This is when I know that I have to make the work but I also have to take care of my body and bring balance into my life.
The signs of our body are like a road map of our emotions, so if my body is not o.k in some place I know I have to work on it, so creativity and good health may flow easily.

Trust your ideas girl- art print

What I do:

- I put some music out land and dance about 15 to 30 minutes to shake my body with the intention of releasing what no longer serves me.
- I try to thing about all the positive aspects of having work ( like money flowing, opportunity to inspire more people, I think about my work traveling around the world displayed in lots of homes in different countries and I thing in their smiles...)
- I meditate at least 15 mn
- I hear and sing mantras, I love the mantras singed by Deva Premal they are very peaceful and they have a great energy, love, love, love
- stay way from sugar, and eat healthy 
- when I go for a walk with my dog I try to enjoy and relax and breath consciously 
- several times a day I stretch my body and take small breaks
- I bless my body with love and I thank him for all he does for me.
- I make a crazy doodle or spread some paint on a paper

" Do your pratice all is coming"- Sri K Pattabhi Jois

I truly believe for success in life we must balance the spiritual with the material world, the nurturing time and the action, the work and the play, the giving and the receiving, so the life can flow through you with grace and ease. 

what do you want to do today to bring more balance and calm into your life?

It's funny after writing this my shoulders are better :) thank you!!!!


Take care,


  1. I agree! So important to stop and take notice of our bodies in the midst of being busy, busy, busy! P.S. I love your dress in this photo! You are gorgeous, as always :)

  2. Stay away from sugar its impossible :( . Gosto muito do seu trabalho... é inspirador.

    1. Hi :) it´s not easy, but not impossible ;) obrigada e um beijinho


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