Blu.B - sportswear for children

I am here today to present you Blu.B, oh yes!!!

Blu.B is the first 100% portuguese brand of sportswear for kids from 2 to 10 years old and I am making a partnership with them with my art and illustrations :)

I absolutely love the result of this team work. Sportswear kids Love to use, cozy, soft with a fun, different look, my kids are in love with them and in school everyone wants one ;)

The brand is inspired by Bees and it's symbology of soul, immortality, loyalty, cooperation and love.
So we have played with words , has you can see in the sweater " My happy dog" you can read "Bee Happy" embracing the brand and the posititive words and messages we believe the kids should grow with.

Kids now can be sporty and fashion at the same time. The top "Little Fairy" is a great example to get this cool look ;)

Every pieces of the Blu.B collection are available in two colors : navy and grey so you can combine with almost everything.

Hoodie " My cute fairy" and "My bee shorts"

Sweat "Shining dancer"

My kids wearing and loving the cozy, fun and fashion Blu.B collection - aren't they adorable?

Check all the collection here on the Blu.B site  where you can make your orders or you can email me.

Please let me know all your thoughts about it :)

Susana Tavares


  1. GReat, great great SUSANA !!!!!

  2. Susana, these are so cute!! Brava!
    When do the adult sizes arrive? :)

  3. So good Susana!!!! Congratulations!!!!! X X X

  4. Very cute children's sweatshirt, thanks to the bloggers for sharing


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