Happiness takes courage

Oh my I am already missing my vacations, but feeling blessed to have this special time of the year where I can stop, connect to Mother Nature and have quality time with my kids and husband and of course extra attention to the pets ;)

I have started my week making some changes in my home, I like to move things around once in a while and harness the good energy I bring from the hollidays to make some large paintings for some white walls.

The first one is ready, I want something colorful, abstract with some points of tribal, oriental .... check out if you like.

I have started by painting with black gesso, a canvas I have in my studio annoying me ;) 

Next highlight some points with crazy shapes

Lots of colors in big brush stokes 

When I was happy with my background, I have made mandalas, tribal signs and write some words and include some collage elements in gold. I am happy with the result and had lots of fun.

Later I will show how it looks on my wall ;)

Wishing you a great day,



  1. Hi Susana! I'm very happy to hear that you've enjoyed your vacation!
    Looks like you are full of new energy and bursting with exciting ideas. I really like your direction with this new painting. I always include tribal symbols in my work- I feel that it helps tell my story, keeps things authentic, and enriches my concept. I like the big yellow shape in your painting; reminds me of the sun and the mandala is a perfect match. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. These are beautiful. I found you on pinterest and really like your style. I'm excited to read your blog! Thanks for sharing


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