Tags - Painting Process

Hi everyone,
today I am sharing a painting process in tags.
Lot of fun ;)
Grab some blank tags, acrylic paints, some stamps and a black pencil, let's start!

step 1 - apply acrylic paint, without thinking too much ;) use the colors you love!

I am making 3 at the same time.

Step 2 - use your stamps and apply them in random places

Step - with a black watercolor crayon ( mine is from Caran d'ache) paint the blank parts. I have scrub my wet paintbrush directly into the crayon to get a smooth color.

Step 4- with you black pencil find a place to draw your figure and find some shapes and surround it with your pencil. Like the flowers I have found in this middle tag ;)

Step 5 - use a light acrylic paint to paint her face, like a yellow light or a white.

Step 6- shade her face with a bit of yellow ochre and a bit of pink in her chicks and front head ( using watercolor crayons again with my paintbrush )
Don't forget to highlight the nose and front head with a bit of white acrylic paint.

Step 7 - give more details to this tiny painting, with some doodles or words

Step 8- in a piece of paper draw and paint a sweet cat a cut it with your scissor 

Step 9 - cut an arm shape in a bit of scrapbook paper, so she can hold her sweet kitten.

Step 10 - Incorporate all the elements together using an acrylic paint, specially around the doll.

Step 11- add some more color to her dresses and give more details with a white marker ( I am using an Edding)

Step 12- draw some nature with a black pen, cut your nature elements and glue them with gel medium

I hope you are feeling inspired and try to make your own tags!

Enjoy and Have fun !!!



  1. Great!!!

    Smiles from Belgium, Saskia :)

  2. as usual Susana, you are wonderful !
    Great great art.

  3. I really love these! Do you sell them?

    1. Hi Mary I will have these tags available on my shop has bookmarks, next week ;) thank you.

  4. Thanks for this tutorial. Beautiful cards, gonna try this technique :)

  5. Going to try this later! Thank you x

  6. A thank you girls, so happy for all your words :D

  7. Ola! I found you through Mindy! Love your art! Thank you for a wonderful tutorial! Oh, yes, I used to live in Lisbon and Estoril many many many years ago!! Fond memories!

  8. Ola! This may be a duplicate comment :) I found you through Mindy! So glad I did. I love your art! Funny, I used to live in Lisbon and Estoril many many many years ago for several years :) fond memories! Thank you for this great tutorial! It's on my every growing to do list!


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