Meet Sara Rainbow Soul

Today I want to share with you a very special Portuguese artist - Sara Rainbow Soul ( Sara Teixeira)
She express herself through watercolor, with amazing vibrant, full of energy colors. 

She is a visionary artist, in Sara's words - "I feel my heart like a Portal were I am a little drop of light, making the connection between worlds...and through that Portal, Magic happens and  my Art comes to live... and that is what I can offer you... My vision of YOUR BEAUTY, the beauty that each one reveals to my soul."

Sara makes beautiful soul portraits for you and for your children, each session of  Angel Wings and Soul Portrait are made first by draw and then by intuitive watercolor brushstrokes and in this process a beautiful landscape of your soul is born. How beautiful is that!

You can know more about the Soul Portraits here.
I have received one of her Soul Connection Messages and I really love it and I feel I have to share this special work with you :)

Check more of her art work, full of light and beauty!

"Each Soul is unique and with a Beauty full of Light!" 
Sara Rainbow soul 

I hope you like it has much as I do!



  1. Her work is lovely, so magical! Thanks so much for sharing it here :)
    Jess x

  2. Beautiful soulful work! I love it!


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