Happy Paper Doll and Fox

Do you like crafts, and have fun with paper dolls?
I always love paper dolls...so I have revive this one from an original art doll that I have made in wood with mixed media thecniques :)
She lives in the woods with her fox and bird  friends, in a sweet house near the lake....and she is so happy and love to play and have fun!

This set is a reproduction  to cut and assemble yourself
Please chek out my shop for more images and info here

This sweet collage sheet is an OFFER Yes an offer for you!!!!!!
 if you buy this set of art doll and her friend Fox

What you can do with this wonderful collage sheet :
-You can make a story with the words, in your journal
-print in a stiff paper and hang with your doll,
-make a postcard
-a  puppet show..... please let your creativity fly :) Lots of possibilities!

Kids Started school ...yeyeiii!!!!!


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