Take a sneak peek into my studio ... and news!

Take a sneak peek into my studio ...

At home we are in a wave of change, in the last week settled the DIY at home, a complete change in the kids rooms (I promise to take pictures later) and maybe the livingroom will also get a refresh.
Actually I also want to change my studio to a larger space I want to start to paint more in big canvas and for that I have to arrange some room to express myself ... who knows if out there appears a opportunites:)
Dá uma espreitadela no meu atelier...

Lá em casa estamos numa onda de mudança, nas ultimas semanas o bricolage instalou-se lá em casa, numa mudança total no quarto das crianças, ( eu prometo tirar fotografias mais tarde) e quem sabe a sala também vai levar um refresh.

Na realidade também tenho vontade de mudar o meu atelier para um espaço maior, quero começar, a pintar mais, telas grandes e para isso tenho de ter espaço para me exprimir certo...quem sabe se aparece por aí uma oprotunidade :)

More news...

This wonderful planner was created by Ankepankdesign with the theme Girls, because there’s a little girl in everyone!
In this project have participated many amazing artists at Etsy like, Carlasonheim, ThesecrethermitTimssally  and other you can check out here
There are 3 different editions, each with the same inside, but with different covers. This one is designed by me, SusanaTavares, the other ones are by Designbirdie and Lindsayeller. Choose your favorite!

Have a wonderful day :)


  1. Wow Susana, Love the 1st huge painting, she is fabulous, it's funny how different a painting can look when you see it in perspective like this I know i've seen pictures of it before and like this is even more stunning.

    As always your work is fabulous, and I loved seeing glimpses of your art space :)

    Micki x

  2. woooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing place!!!!


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