Fairy inspired

Every Wednesdays I go for a walk in nature. From this walk I bring magic dust, bliss and grace home.
Is a time of recharging batteries in the middle of the week, a time of presence and gratitude. Observing the beauty of nature, walking over the amazing carpets of leaves, so perfect at this time of the year.

In the park I have a tree friend, I believe they all are my friends, but this one is what I call an allie. I greet her and ask if I can receive its energy. Then I feel her answer and I put my back in her trunk, receiving what she as to give me, that is pure bliss and love from nature.

Thank you dear tree! - I say - see you next week!

From the energies of the tree and elementals present this page has borne. Watercolors, pencils and pens mixed together. If you like you can see bits of the creative process on my Instagram story.

Sending nature blessings 


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