Truth and changes


I believe we are in a time to follow our truth. The connection with your truth will reveal the path. For that you must feel, you must listen, you must be aware of who you are and what signs are around you, letting you know if there are any changes to make or keeping the path you are already taking.
Presence and stillness are great allies, so you can open space to receive messages from your truth or your soul. Everyday taking time for yourself, even for 15 minutes, will make the difference. In this sacred time start saying to yourself "Dear soul I dedicate this time to you so my truth can be revealed", then relax, meditate, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and just be. It dosen't matter if you receive a message or not, the important thing is to use this time to create space inside of you and prepare yourself to receive on the right time. So there's no need to rush, just give this time honoring your soul and connection with the Divine.

You will feel more relaxed, more energized and welcoming balance into your life. 15 minutes, simply as that.
Even if I am with my kids at home, I can create sacred space for me and relax. Off course, you need to take into consideration the ages of your children and whether they can be alone or not. Mine have 9, 12 and 18 years. Three years ago I started to implement some rules for my well being and welcoming harmony and balance into my home. The most important was setting a time to meditate and I have made a door sign saying "meditation time" they knew when this sign was on my door they couldn´t interrupt, just in case of something really important. They understood and followed this rule easily. When I finished I was ready to start again and I was feeling renewed and energized or sometimes relaxed and peaceful. Now my family is used to see me meditating everywhere and they respect my sacred space. 
They do not meditate often, but i know I the seed is there and will grow on the right time.
These last words are just to remember that you can arrange 15 minutes, even if you are surrounded with kids and dogs, you just need to compromise with your well being ;)

"Dear soul I dedicate this time to you so my truth can be revealed"

Because it´s important to me to be aligned with my truth, I have made a big change and become a vegetarian. I already ate in a healthy way, but I felt it was important to follow my truth, since I am working with Spirit Animals and subtle energies of nature.
In the first days I struggled with organizing different meals, for children and adults (my husband is taking the leap with me). I knew it was resistance to change that I was experiencing. So I simply talked with me and my Angels, thanking them for their help, to make the changes I needed to make. In the next day everything was rolling in such a good way.
Sometimes acknowledging our struggles, saying what we want and bringing peace inside, put us in place of allowing good things to come. 
Now I have embraced this change with peace and the ideas for organizing the meals are coming to me in a easy way and my body feels really good.

Now I ask you, do you need to make any change in order to allowing more well being into your life?


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