A butterfly a day - March project


Butterfly 1

March arrived filled with magic ... and butterflies!

So I will be creating a butterfly a day in the month of March with the intention
 of embracing spring within and spreading my wings.

I believe we have an invisible wings full of potencial and they vibrate in the richest colors.
For me the wings represent the gifts we all carry in us, the ones we came to share.

We are in period of deep transformation on planet Earth and I want to transform and empower myself
in a kind , compassionate and creative way.

I want to spread my wings and I would love that you spread them with me!


Let's fly!
If you like to join me, you are welcome 😊

Set your intention and create a butterfly a day during the month of March
( week days ) 
Use your imagination and create like a child.
Most important have fun and be colorful.

If you like share it on Instagram 

Tag #abutterflyaday and @susanatavaresart

Butterfly 2

I am a powerful being! I can transform anything into light. I now let go of anything that do not serve me and I allow myself to live my life in a beautiful way. Slowly and with kindness I open my wings at my own pace. My wings will show me the direction to take and step by step  I will grow and fly beautifully, like a butterfly.

Much love to you my butterflies 



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