Co-creating - studio scenes

My studio lately is more than a place to paint, it has became a place to connect.
It's been such a privilege to develop this soul work, with Angels, Fairies, Spirit Animals and more.

I have been learning a lot through this experience and one of the most important is to understand that no matter what each soul as her own special beauty.  Many times I catch myself in tears feeling profoundly the beautiful energy of the soul I am painting. So much potencial, love and light, so much that is hard to  put into words.

Spirit animal paintings available on my website 

The Spirit of the Hawk is the one you see on the pictures. 
Animals and nature have so much to offer and to teach us.
Spirit animals are one of my favorites, to work with, they are pure positive energy!

Much love and kindness 


  1. Sooooo beautiful artwork again! I want also to order from you someday! Have a nice day beautiful!

    1. Hi Susanna, thank you so happy you lke it ๐Ÿ’œ


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