How to gather inspiration, almost 40 ideas to keep you inspired


Sometimes you are inspired and sometimes you don't, so it's really precious to keep a way to put yourself in the mood to create and gathering some inspiration, right!
I think there are 2 ways of getting inspired, one is from within and the other is from the world around you.
Let me explain, my favorite way to get inspiration is to really do not know what I am going to create, this worked for me for many years, just starting to play with my materials and expecting that something would be revealed to me. Meditation, moving your body ( dancing, stretching...) or just going with the flow to see what pops into your mind are ways to get into this creative flow.
However I love to not know and live space for being surprised πŸ˜‚ 
Lately, I have the need to be more intentional and simple about my process. That's why I am using watercolors and leaving my backgrounds white and creating with the intention of passing a message. For this type of work I like to go and gather some inspiration, from the world around me.


Some ideas : 
-go to my Pinterest boards and register some shapes, colors and words that inspire me
-using an oracle card deck to take a message, for a starting point
-go for a walk and observe nature 
-make things in a different way, like the last large collage I did
-using my crystal pendulum ( I always have one around 😜) to know if some idea fits better with me than other
-go to a craft shop and be inspired by the materials and spend some money on it ( don't you love to do this)
-do an art class from an inspirational artist 
-grab a magazine and sketch some ideas on your journal ( I love happinez for inspiration)
-go to a book store - I love the craft, art, lifestyle and children sections 
-look around your house and see if you have a pattern some color palettes that helps you to start with something
-splash some paint or watercolor and cut them into shapes later after it dries and have fun with it
-go to a garden or into the woods and pic elements from the ground like leafs , flowers, sticks....paint, stamp, collage with it.
-hear what people say on the street and start a piece with that words
-what's your favorite song? Move your paintbrush with the sound of the music 🎢, and the words are they special for you? 
-feel the elements around you- how the wind makes you feel? Write, doodle
-paint the activities you love to do, observe yourself 
-make a list of what makes you happy ( rainbows, unicorns, stars, sweet girls, kittens 🐱)
-hummm and the aroma, what you love to smell? Coffee, a cake in the oven, fresh mint or lavender. Capture that feeling
-observe a light candle, feel the warmth inside, ask your angels to come and play with you and express your best self for the highest good
-do you have pets? Draw them in different positions or places
-grab a family photo and make a painting, if it's too intimidating just doodle it on your journal
-open the page 79 of one of your books πŸ“š and see if it's some inspiration waiting for you
-study the constellations and draw your favorite one
-paint with a friend, share your latest inspirations 
-watch your children playing, they say and do lots of fun things 
-see cartoons 
-do you like decoration and interior design, what's your style boho (loooove), minimalist, country, modern, zen, tribal, beach house...
-ancient knowledge there is some culture that catches your attention- Native American, Hindu 
-your favorite story when you're a child
-from the fantasy world what makes your eyes sparkle - fairies, elves, dragons…
-your child favorite game
-open a symbol dictionary and see if you find something inspirational that is the theme of your piece or just an element to include
-draw something upside down. Fun!
-listen a mantra (your soul will be really grateful)
-aum - om repeat the sound and see what happens ( for sure you will gain more energy flowing and this is truly important for the creative process)
-take a bubble bath πŸ›€ (I had lots of great ideas bathing )
-invoke the great spirit to paint with you

I hope you try some of this ideas and have a lot of fun.
Wishing you loads of inspiration!


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