Art is ride - soul birds large collage

I have been emerged in my creative process, exploring freedom, letting myself be in the present moment. Allowing myself to make things differently and listen what my inner being has to say. 
Sometimes I really get scared, and I start doubting myself - "what are you doing?" my mind asks repeatedly trying to break down my free mood. I feel insecure, but I do not answer it and I keep doing with what my heart wants to do. One thing I know, I am expanding! :) 
All these ideas, thoughts and emotions need to be expressed, is stronger than me, I need to do my thing! Even I feel ups and downs simultaneously.
So this large collage was a ride. After this, I felt stronger and more confident and proud of myself for doing it, just for the pleasure, just for the love for art, just for the ride.
See more pics bellow
Let me know your thought about it.

Much love,


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