Last adventures on watercolor

In the last days while experimenting with watercolor, something magical happened. I painted the piece above and felt I was expressing myself aligned with who I really am. My heart was so happy and all the process was so delicious and so honest and true.
I think a new style may have born, let's see ;)
For now I am sticking with this new me and is really refreshing. Totally combining with my new adventure in moving to Brussels. All of this big changes feel so right, that I am just going with the flow, trusting!
I posted the piece on Facebook and the feedback was amazing, so grateful!!!!!

Check bits of more pieces I am working on.

A big hug to you filled with love
P.s - remember to listen your heart ❤️


  1. Gorgeous Susana! I'm enjoying watercolour again myself at the moment, I love how the pools of colour merge together. Thankyou for the reminder to listen to my heart!
    Jess xx


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