Life changes

It's been a while since I made a blog post and I hope everything is going well with you :)
In these days I am honoring the simplicity of being and integrate this new life change, I am going to make, with my move to Brussels.

We are in the moment searching for our new home, organizing stuff, some to let go ( new life , new stuff, I believe ;) and some to go. While we are trying to figure it out all of this, one day at a time, I have adopted a new Pomerania puppy. Yehhheeiiii!!!! My inner child was asking and Pooh is now our new friend. He is such a joy and Bolota and him are already friends and the kids ohhhhh, they love Pooh so much. He really bring pure positive energy into our home and lots of smiles and laughs :)

Pooh love :) :) :)



For now I feel I need to maintain my shop closed, until I get organized, but I will continue to sell my art.


My sales will be made through my newsletter and will sell only original pieces for now.

You can join my newsletter in the upper left corner of this blog, that I really hope you do.

I can follow me on - INSTAGRAM @susanatavaresart
                                FB page - Susana Tavares Art
In these 2 places I will be continue to update frequently.

From my heart, thank you for your understanding and support ❤️


  1. wishing you all the best in your new life!
    a big hug.


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