Listen - A message for you

Inside my new book "A little secret" you will find 2 pages with 32 cards, with simple and positive words to inspire children and parents everyday. 

They are made to help children to develop their intuition and relationship with their spiritual side and they are small to fit in tiny hands ;) This cards can be used by anyone since they have always positive sugestions that you can apply and remember during your day and help you.


These cards have sweet illustrations and very easy and fun to use. The idea is to connect with your heart, ask a question and receive a direction from the cards. The positive words are to think, to make a conversation, to write about what comes to your mind when you read those words... ( more on the book)


Today I had the idea, to once a week, take one card and write a little text about it and if you are reading for sure this words are for you :) 

Listen is the card for today
Sometime you have that little voice inside of your head, whispering ideas and inspiration, do you listen or you think that is the crazy you talking? Well, when this little voice speaks to you is your inner voice, the wisdom you have inside of yourself, guiding you. Listen! Maybe you laugh when you hear the idea in your head, but why don't you try. Maybe is there, the solution you have prayed for, even if it sounds crazy! So trust in that connection that you have with the divine , with your guides, with the source you have inside of yourself.
Maybe you are needing to stop and meditate for a while, so you can listen your inner voice or just lay down on your bed, listen some nature sounds or soft music, take a long bath or go for a walk. Treating yourself good and proportionate wellbeing moments, really helps to open your heart, smooth your mind and relax your body and be ready to listen.

A big hug from me to you and give your little voice a chance, she is amazing ;)

Susana Tavares


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