Inspirational cards packs with positive words

 BluePack  - 8 inspirational cards

 I have talked with you about my 9 month project, the " uplifting words and art" where I illustrate every day 
(oh god) a positive word, quote or affirmation, to bring a positive vibe to you and the world :)
So I am transforming my illustrations into inspiring cards. These you can collect, share with the ones you love or use it to take a positive message every day!

Blue Pack  - 8 inspirational cards

yellow pack - 8 inspirational cards

I love to take messages in the morning to inspire me and to focus on my day, or before I go to bed, to work the message in my dreams.
I believe positivity comes from the soul, so we just go benefit if we stay aligned with our soul, and close with who we are in truth.

yellow pack - 8 inspirational cards
 I hope you find this collectible kits inspiring, and useful to inspire you and the ones you love.
You can get yours here.

More about  this project here


  1. They're so beautiful with beautiful messages too. Lovely work Susana!
    Jess x x

    1. Yes they are great to collect and be inspired ;) xox

  2. "The great lift a person's spirit to be a lot more than it is. Only people that will risk going too far can possibly discover how far it's possible to go. Do you imagine you can remain motivated on your journey to success and fulfilment despite every one of the challenges that life may throw on you, the obstacles you will face across the way.

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