Say it with Clay - sweet package - Dawanda Competition

Hi everyone! I was invited by Dawanda (Marketplace for unique and handmade items) to participate in a competition. They send me a secret package and I had to create something with it.
My package has Fimo Air clay Microwave ,(this clay is super light and it cooks on the microwave in 10 mn- cool right :)
So came up with this idea to make a happy, simple and sweet package.
I have made 60 heads with the help of my daughter and it was a lot of fun.

How to:

Step 1- stretch the clay with a  roller
Step 2 - cut the round shape with cookie cutter and with a stick make 2 tiny holes in each side
Step 3 - cook them in the Microwave and a glass of cold water for 10 m
Step 4- paint them with acrylics
Step 5 - insert the string in each side in the round shape and applies to your package

I hope you are inspired to create super cute packages :)

And because it´s a competition go here and please LIKE my photo :)
Thank you!


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  1. Hi, Susana! These are just darling! Is it okay to pin this blog post link to Pinterest?

    Thank you for sharing!! ~H♥~


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