Strawberry collection

Strawberry girl
When I have a little time in my vacations I go to my "garden studio" ;) and play with my watercolors, in this times I have discovered that I really like to make patterns, simple and happy pattern that i would love to have in my own house.
I love my dolls but why not combine them with simple and beautiful patterns, I think this is a great idea and this patterns make me smile, because they are yummyyy, colorful and happy.
They will go perfectly with a decoration for kids or for a living room.

My first line it calls Strawberry collection and is inspired in hot colors like red, pink yellow and orange with the sweetness of strawberries.

 Dolls + simple and happy patterns

Check out if you like

1- Strawberry framed art print 
2- Strawberry squares iPhone cover
3-Strawberry stripes pillow cover
4-Strawberry Girl Pillow cover
5- Strawberry squares Framed art Print
6- Strawberry stripes Laptop skin

1-Strawberry stripes iPhone cover
2-Strawberry Girl iPad cover
3- Strawberry squares pillow cover 

Please let me know what do you think, I really appreciate your comments and ideas.

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