I have a new skirt

I am super happy with my new skirt from Princess Pea, I feel like a little girl !
Do you notice the skirt is made with my 4 wonderful women painting
I am telling you this skirt is so much fun to use and adaptable to every size with a Waistband with 14 snaps fitting from size 34 to size 44.

I have received notebooks and an iPhone cover with my illustration - Butterfly Wings 
and every product have inside the story and bio from the artist, such a beautiful idea.

In Princess Pea you can find :

Adorable Bibs - illustration from Rachel Caiano

Eco-bags illustration from Eunice Rosado

Crockery - illustrations from Raquel Pinheiro

Slippers illustration from Afonso Cruz

ans a lot more ;)


  1. Tão lindo!! :-) uma grande dose de sorrisos para ti.
    SAndra francisco

  2. Hello beautiful! Love everything you have going on here!! About to get my stuff on merchandise too. You are rocking that fabulous skirt!! Have a wonderful day xo

  3. Só coisas lindas...

  4. Beautiful~ !!!! Lovely skirt :)


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