I am Brave !

I am brave!
I am Brave because I love myself
I am Brave because I have a puppy
I am Brave because, although scared, I follow my heart
I am Brave because I trust the Universe
I am brave because I trust myself.

Be brave and trust your heart, he knows :)

Courage can be the smallest thing you need to begin a change, to present an apology, for taking time for yourself ....
Please share with me your Braveness, I wanna know, I am sure you are Brave!

This original painting is available here


  1. Yes! Shout all the wonderful ways you are courageous into the wind and dance in the colors of the universe!


    I am being brave by committing to ideas long waiting in my mind...and bringing them to life!

  2. Cameron I am so Happy for you, let´s be brave in our lives and trust that everything good comes :)

  3. Your puppy is so sweet! We have a labrador puppy too, but she's almost a year old now (just as much energy, but bigger and capable of more calamity!) Your painting is lovely!

  4. Thank you Kyra :) I hope Bolota grows and be calm, I really hope ;) Xox and thank you.

  5. My 'puppy' is now 2 and still causing havoc but we love him so very much and accept his crazy ways :)

    Beautiful painting and colour choices Susana!!

  6. Thank you Micki :) I want to see your puppy!!! xox


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