Inspiration Board - Winter feeling

This inspirational board it´s all about winter and the balance between the cold and warm and the things I love this time of the year.

Este inspiration board é sobre o Inverno e o equilibrio entre o frio e quente e as coisas que eu adoro nesta época do ano.

One of my favorite things is a warm tea with a great book

Uma das minhas coisas favoritas nesta época é um chá quentinho e um belo livro

A soft blanket

Uma manta bem quentinha

Boots on my feets with leg warmers

Botas nos pés e perneiras bem quentinhas

Make beautiful and cozy crafts

Fazer crafts lindos e confortáveis

Source: via Susana on Pinterest

Be inspired by nature

Ser inspirada pela natureza

Source: via Susana on Pinterest

Look the shape of this snowflake- Perfect!
Olha para a forma deste floco de neve- Perfeito!

Source: via Susana on Pinterest

And keep an open heart for what is to come...which will be good for sure ;)

E estar de coração aberto para o que vier....que vai ser bom com certeza ;)



  1. Wonderful collection of winter warmth and surprise. Mmm - winter when will you come to a hot and humid land.

  2. so beautiful
    thank you
    from someone who misses the snow in winter (we rarely get it) and
    loves the cozy tea by the fire!

  3. Gorgeous images and I love the picture of the hot tea held with those beautiful white handwarmers!xx

  4. Love your photos~ very lovely..!!!! and the beauty of winter...

  5. Clare I´ve never been in hot land in the winter, that´s must be strange (for me ;) Xo
    Thank you all girls :)


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