Giveaway Week -art doll Workshop offer :)

***The Winner / O vencedor ***
of the Art Doll Workshop
Christianne teixeira
:) Congratulations!!!!/ Parebéns!!!!

The winners of the 2nd Giveaway are in here yehhheiiii!!!!
Remember we have one more Giveaways happening TODAY, continue to read :) !!!!
Os vencedores do 2º Giveaway estão aqui Yeeehhheiiii!!!
Lembra-te que ainda vamos ter mais 1 giveaways HOJE, continua a lêr :)!!!!

Today I am going to offer an online art doll workshop!!!

What you have to do?

answer this question "What 3 words would you use to describe me and /or my art ?" make a comment on this Blog post
Then I am going to choose 1 random name on Sunday night

and I will announce the winner of this free workshop on Monday morning!

If you want to see more about this online workshop please go here

Have fun and make art!


A oferta de hoje é um Art Doll workshop online !!!!
O que tens de fazer?

responde a esta pergunta " Que 3 palavras usarias para descrever-me a mim e / ou a minha arte?" faz um comentários neste Blog post
Vou tirar á sorte 1 nomes da pessoa que vem participar gratuitamente deste workshop no Domingo á noite

e vou anunciar o vencedor na 2ª feira de manhã!

Se queres saber mais acerca deste workshop online vai aqui

Diverte-te e faz arte !!!


The smell of spring in my shop :)
O cheirinho da Primavera a chegar á loja :)


  1. three words for your art and for you is not enough .... you are sooo talented!!! your art is beautiful,sooo cute, full of love and it makes me happy!!!!!! :)) i adore the kittens in your art =^.^= the beautiful girls ,the colours ,everything is amazing!!!!

  2. O seu trabalho é delicioso!... Quando contemplo os seus projectos transmitem: serenidade, doçura e harmonia! Continuação de bom trabalho!!

  3. SUPER cute dolls! Beautiful little faces! Terrific colors and texture! Oh wait, that one was four words :D I would love, love, LOVE to take this course. I am on the Creative Paperclay Design Team so I am always looking to learn new techniques!

  4. Fun, warm & inviting!

    Love your art...amazing! Will also share this contest on my new blog! Thanks!

  5. Its so hard to describe your art in just three words but I'll try. Here they are:

    1. Peaceful
    2. Joyful
    3. Magical

    Hugs Shelley

  6. Susana, 3 palavras apenas para descrever você e sua arte??? 3 apenas???? OMG, muito pouco!!!

    . maravilhosa
    . criativa
    . mágica

    Three little words are not enough!!! You are a very talented artist, a wonderful person and a much more!!

    Um abraço grande!!!


  7. O teu trabalho é:
    criativo, único e contemporâneo.


  8. Three words for your art Susana: whimsical, magical, folksy - and it was hard stopping at three, lol!

  9. You're an awesome artist!
    I'm always impressed with your creative style! Your work is amazing!


    ♥ Magical ♥ Folksy ♥ Inspiring

    ♥ Thanks for the chance ♥

  10. Tierno, mágico y lleno de amor

  11. ahhh my words ...




    he he all start with an E could have used the whole alphabet ....


  12. Não acredito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fiquei sem internet dois dias e quando retorna, OMG!!! Eu ganhei!!!! Susana,nossa, eu tô feliz demais!!!!!! Obrigada!!! Thank you so much!!! I am sooooooo happy!!!! Obrigada!! :))


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