About new beginnings and the Goddess Brigid

While exploring a new page on my journal, playing with dry pastels and dissolving the color with water, this image appeared. I saw this beautiful woman and she introduced herself to me, giving me her message.

"I am Brigid, Goddess of fertility with me I bring the new life, I bring the season of Spring. 
My presence here today is to help you to prepare for the new season to come. I want you to flourish and shine bright and in full color. Spring brings new beginnings, brings the strength of life, the energy of bloom in full alignment with your purpose. New opportunities will present themselves to you, a new page is open to be filled with successes and abundance. Many changes you have received in the past year, preparing your system to be fully who you are and connect deeply with your gifts and talents. Know that you are ready! From now on everything will be much easier, everything will flow like a bird flying, the water running through the rivers, or the wind blowing in the top of the mountains. You are now who you are. You have reached your center, living your purpose and dedicated with devotion to your sacred work. Know that I, Brigid, am with you helping you to have the strength needed to overcome any challenge and to blossom like a beautiful flower as you deserve. Call my name and receive the freshness of Spring, the promise of an open door, the freshness of the new life, the release of what not serves you. Be at peace at all times, so all of us are with you, helping you with every single detail of your life. Surrender and be.
We bless you and love you
I am Brigid "

It's my  first time receiving Brigid, she as such an evolving fresh energy. Feels like a beautiful spring, sunny day.
I want to share this personal message with you, because it reinforces this week's message  about a new cycle and the need be present and aware of this energy, that is culminating in this new moon      (starting today in my zone), bringing important new beginnings, for each and one of us. 
We are living in such incredible, sensitive times. So much is going on...so many transformations, ups and downs, so many emotions... we are releasing old patterns, old programs, facing our shadows and most important, for the first time and in a new way, giving birth to the light within. A new Earth is here and becoming more each day and you are an important part of this transformation.
Even it seems challenging and so much can't be explained by common words, I just want to tell you that things are changing for better. Do not pay attention to the chaos, but remember that is only part of the path for this important transformation to take place. This Light Birth is why we came in the first place, to be part of this new times and to help things to grow and be anchored fully on the Earth.

In this new beginnings, remember:
-to welcome this new energy. 
-take time to connect with yourself and listen what is calling you.
-Ask your Spirit Guides  to help you to understand the signs. To bring you the inspiration and strength you need to give the steps in the direction that is your purpose to be upon. 
-In this new moon, make the intention to be fully present and invite what do you need to come to you. Even if you don't know what is it, the important is that you make the intention. The Universe and your Spirit Guides will take care of the rest and will  help you in understanding what you need.
-New doors are opening, you can call Brigid, with this fresh starts.
May we all flow easily, may we all be in profound clarity, may we live in joy and connected with who we really are. Wishing for infinite abundance, eternal peace, health and well-being for all here on Earth.

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  1. Brigid, Goddess of fertility of her is a wonderful drawing !!!! The meaning is exciting and it pleases me deeply in my heart that you share it with me!
    happy weekend


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