Why painting portraits, a conversation with my higher self πŸ’—

After so many years, I am painting different subjects than portraits and I was wondering why. Today I had a wonderful conversation with my higher self and I want to share it with you, specially if you are an artist and you love to paint portraits.

Being creative, it always have been part of who I am. I believe all of us are creators, bringing inside creative gifts that we can express in the most different ways. The creative process is a way for us to connect with our Soul and bring forth this amazing energy, that represents who we really are. The expression of your essence!

Trough life it's easy to forget who we are in essence. Playing, creating and making things we love, gives us clues and information about our precious beings.
For sure you already know we came to this planet to evolve, but we also came, to discover and to remember. This leads me to portraits and the conversation I had with my higher self & my Angels. So, they told me the reason why, I had this fixation on painting portraits over and over again, for so many years. 

I see there are many artists doing the same thing, of always finding a way to paint a portrait, it feels like an obsession. But it´s not that!
So let me tell you what I found, when you are paining portraits in fact you are painting yourself, you are painting parts of yourself always.
And why?
Because you are remembering who you really are, you are remembering your essence, you are painting over and over until you get there, to that soul connection. You are searching, because you know there´s more, and it´s your exercise to bring to surface, that parts of you. A quest to find yourself and understand your core. Like a spiritual journey, through color, shapes and symbols. 

Most of the times we aren't even noticing what this dance with creativity is trying to tell us. But every single piece is a conversation with your soul, your emotions, your struggles, your skills and gifts. And bit by bit, you are uncovering parts of you that have been hidden for a long time.

If you are painting portraits, continue to do so, so you are making a real conversation with your soul and each one is trying to tell you something. This creative journey is an undeniable treasure, so you can listen your inner voices and remembering who you came to be. You are finding yourself!

Maybe you can pay attention to your feelings or ideas or even ask the painting, which message it has for you. Maybe it's a word or a page full of insights, but for sure it's your job to find yourself and have fun with it.
In fact I think we are continuously making Soul portraits of ourselves.

Much love,

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  1. Thank you Susana.....Lately I feel "blocked"....I can't seem to get into my usual daily art.... and when I start something, I can't seem to finish it....I probably need to stop being so hard on myself. Your artwork is very inspiring to me. THANK you!!
    Dawn Bartlett

    1. Hi Dawn, yes probably the best you can do is to relax and enjoy the time you are creating, finishing the piece or not. "Blocks" are normal, they are a transition for a new creative phase, so just be patient with yourself.
      Much love


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