Fairies- Heart whispers session 2 (online painting / spiritual Class)


Session 2

How to work with the fairies + watercolor spring fairy painting

In this new issue of Whispers of the Heart we are going to speak about fairies and how to work with this amazing nature beings

What can you expect from this session?

  • a 22 page PDF
  • an exercise to connect with the fairies (meditations, visualization...) 
  • how to paint a spring fairy with watercolors start to finish in video format (the one on the image) +  bonus video 
  •  how to connect with the fairies 
  • how the fairies can help you to have a wonderful life 
  • for all the classes are included 2 videos about how I draw faces (the same for all sessions)

Fairies are the Angels of nature and the environment. They help nature and the animals to live in balance and harmony. The fairies love to connect with the ones who believe in them and they can bring a load of positivity, fun and creativity into your life.

         Do you believe in fairies?

If you do!!!!
come and join the class :)

22€ ( class not available)
If you are interested in joining together heart, soul and creativity in simple but powerful lessons. This is the right place for you!

Come and create in full consciousness

*After payment you will receive the class in your email in a PDF format for you to keep. -you can download the videos and keep the class forever!  Yehhheiii!!!

More about Heart whispers sessions here

 Let´s spread some magic!

much love 
Susana Tavares


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