My art studio

My studio is a sacred part of my home, is where I create and express myself. 

I love its openness, big windows, the light and the view to the garden.
Now the whether is warmer, I like to leave the windows open to hear the birds outside singing and see the dogs playing on the grass.
Sweet, simple moments that help me to create and get in touch with my inner being.
Feeling the calmness of nature, brings me peace and reminds me to breath.

I have a big wood table, to work with my watercolors. My favorite time of the day to paint on my studio is in the afternoon, 
around 17h, when the sun is lightning my table, with a beautiful warm light.
I sit on my big, comfy and colorful chair and I start with a simple prayer, just to center myself.
Then I start, without a plan, just with an intention.
I love to be surprised!
I love to not know what is going to be revealed to me through my creative process.
Feeling instead of thinking.
Flowing instead of controlling.

A beautiful environment, is always an inspiration for me.
I love to make pots of flowers to spread pure positive energy and beauty.

My connection with nature and flowers is growing everyday, as you can see on my artwork.

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Much love,


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