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Spreading the word also means teaching.

Teaching and learning, like giving and recieving are so very important in life. And for this purpose I find attending, or lecturing workshops really interesting, filling in the gaps of wisdom you want to, socializing with others, sharing ideias... it makes you grow and become a better person.

What is an online workshop? 

It is realy easy, it´s a class you can access on your computor or any device with internet. Being online, means you access the workshop contents (including the pre-recorded videos), when you want to and as many times you intend, allowing you to manage your own schedules and value your free time.

videos available for the lifetime of the class+ on your own time + accessible anywhere with internet = develop your full creative potential + fun

My workshops are for everyone, because more then learning a technique, you are invited to express yourself and find out what inspires you.

On my workshops there is no right or wrong way! There is only your unique and wonderful way.

Please check the online art classes available here.

I hope you can come and create with me :)


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