Heart whispers 3- INTUITION (online painting - spiritual class)

A new session of Heart Whispers is now alive.

In this session, you will awaken and connect deeper with your Intuition .

I really believe in our capacity of connecting deeper with our inner-being (where you find your intuition) and how this can affect in a positive way, your life and the world. I really think it's a super-power you born with, but it needs to be acknowledged and practiced, so you can trust and deepen your abilities.

What can you expect from this session?

- a PDF format class with 26 pages 

- meditation exercises to connect and align your intuitive system

- how to work your intuition through art

- 2 video projects ( intuitive process with dry pastels and watercolor and creating your Intuition Goddess shrine using mixed media techniques)   

- more than 120 minutes video content 

- a message from the fairies helping you with your intuitive skills

- how to use intuitive tools easily, in your daily life

- for all the classes are included 2 videos about how I draw faces and materials I like to use (the same for all sessions) 


Get the early bird price, until October 29
39€ - get it for only 29€ - class not available 

If you are interested in joining together heart, soul and creativity in simple but powerful lessons. This is the right place for you! 
39€- get it for only 29€ - class not available 
until October 29
*After payment you will receive the class in your email, in a PDF format for you to keep. -you can download the videos and keep the class forever!  Yehhheiii!!!

" I am loving your art course so much. I love that not only are you teaching painting but also the spiritual mind we need to paint. You are so inspiring and a beautiful person inside and out. I will always remember how you inspired me"H.l

More about Heart whispers sessions here

 Let´s spread some magic!

Much love 
Susana Tavares


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