I am back to mixed media 😍

You know sometimes you have to let go, to be able to come back as a whole. That's what I have done. My creative expression wasn't make sense to me anymore. I had this need to simplify and go back to the basics, exploring watercolor was so perfect for that. 
This year was a deep transformational journey, now I know I needed to let go, to open space within, to learn new things and  allowing the new me come to surface.  Our intuition plays a big role, it's our inner compass, always guiding us on the perfect direction. We need to follow and embrace it, she knows so much!
I am grateful now, that I can see what I've done, in fact I feel proud of myself for having the courage to let go of Mixed media, something so dear to my heart and follow the current. Expression is my life is how I interact with the world, is my energy soul coming forth. And in some way, I knew it was important to wait, to simplify and with positive expectation waiting for the best to come. And watercolor fulfilled this requirement with perfection ;)
Of course I didn't know where I was going, but the path revealed itself to me, step by step. It always dose, if you listen!

Now I am different woman, I make soul art, I work with the Angels ( I guess I always did) , with spirit animals,  fairies, Ascended Masters and more, I connect with soul energy and I channel messages to help persons on their path. I accomplished so much, what a year! ( I know I am saying this a lot lately, but it is my truth)

I feel more than ever we are needed to live on purpose ( your life purpose) and  make it a priority. Releasing the fears and embracing our inner power to make the decisions from the heart, more than our desires, so we can serve the planet, the universe and live what we in the first place came to be.

And sometimes, to make the journey, you need to let go something. So you can learn new skills, gain new perspectives and allow the time needed until you are ready. 
If you are feeling the call for change, go for it!

So again I am expressing myself in full color and power, once more with mixed media techniques. 
Sharing photos of the process I hope you enjoy it. 

Oh and after a while I knew it was a self portrait... it´s my Soul Painting!

At this stage I thought the painting was finished, but while I slept I had this dream,  an owl was painted on my chest. It was such a perfect sight! In the morning, I finished the painting and made the welcome image of my website.

Symbology of the painting:

- Flowers - my connection with the natural world, elementals and fairies
- Crystals - deep connection with the Earth and work with the crystal energy
- Angels - the smaller Angels on the top is symbol of the Angel Realms that I work so close to. The bigger one, was a big surprise, Mother Mary, she is symbol of my ancient connection with the Divine Feminine. Feeling lately that I am working really close with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. So grateful!
- Owl - symbol of wisdom and messages from the Spirit animals, my life purpose.

"We are needed to live on purpose and  make it a priority"

much love,
Susana Tavares


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